Are you mad about Raffaelo chocolates too ? We have found the best recipe for you on the blog Encore le Printemps. Take a look, and see their other great recipes too !

These Raffaelo chocolates will be perfect for a Frozen themed birthday party.

The ingredients


-20 g of wafer biscuits

-40 g of white chocolate

-20 g of desiccated coconut



-50 g of coconut milk

-80 g of white chocolate

-12 hazelnuts

-a silicon mould for the balls



-200g of white chocolate

-75g grape seed oil

-50 g desiccated coconut

-a bowl full of the rest of the desiccated coconut

The recipe

To make the crunchy centre, crush the wafers into small chunks in a bowl. In another bowl, melt the white chocolate in the microwave, or in a bowl over boiling water. Once the chocolate is fully melted, allow to cool. Then add the crushed wafer and coconut, then mix well. With a little spoon, coat each silicon mould with a little of the coating, creating a layer of roughly 2 mm. Level off the edges, so that it is easier to join the two halves of the outer shell later. Place the mould in the freezer for about 30 minutes, once the shells become hard.

For the coconut ganache, melt the white chocolate. Heat the coconut milk. Once the chocolate is melted and the milk is heated, pour half the coconut milk into the white chocolate and mix in with a spatula. Then add the rest of the coconut milk, mixing again to get a smooth and shiny ganache. Let the ganache cool, whilst roasting the hazelnuts in the oven, at 160°C for 15 minutes. Take off the skin of the nuts. When the ganache is cool, fill each of the 24 half sphere shells with it. Place a hazelnut in 12 of the half spheres. Return to the freezer. Once the ganache has hardened, take the shells out of the mould, and using some remaining ganache, stick two shells together to create a sphere. Return to the freezer.

To finish off the chocolates with the coating, melt the chocolate, then add the oil. We use grape seed oil because it’s the plant oil that has the least flavour so does not affect the taste of the chocolates. Mix well and add 50 g of desiccated coconut. Take the solidified balls out the freezer and coat them with the mix, placing them one by one into the coating, turning them over with a fork so that they are covered everywhere. Once fully coated, gently shake them with a fork so any loose coating comes off. Then, put the ball in the extra desiccated coconut and roll it around so it is fully covered. And voilà ! Enjoy !


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