Moana Invitations

Moana Invitations

DIY invitations for a Moana birthday

In order to set the mood for the guests, preparing for a Moana-themed birthday party starts with the invitations. Print, cut, glue… follow the steps of this simple DIY and you’re ready! Our hibiscus flower-shaped invitations are easy to make and will take your guests on a journey to an exotic island…Just by looking at them, they’ll already be able to smell monoi oil and coconut milk!


  • The printable, which can be downloaded here
  • A pair of scissors
  • A4 sheets of thick, glossy card
  • A glue stick

1. Print out the printable onto some sheets of card and cut out all the elements.
If you’re particularly pressed for time, we’ve made an easy version with only the front and back to stick together!

2. Glue each part of the flower one top of the other to create a flower.

3. Glue the invitation on the reverse. Voilà, you’ve already finished!


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