Football Training

Football Training

Jeu foot entraînement

You can’t have a football match without some training and warming up the legs. In order to convince the children, you’ll need to wear the right gear… It’s great if you’ve got a football shirt from one of the main teams (I dream of having a PSG shirt with my name on the back !) and of course a good pair of trainers and a whistle. Here’s the funnest activity to kick off the party!

The training starts with a dribble of about 15 minutes: 2 km ought to calm down the enthusiasm of the younger ones for at least 15 minutes! The children certainly grumble but after an explanation, everyone gives in to the exercise and you should quickly here them burst out “YES COACH”.

After the dribble, a stretching exercise. We stretch all the sensitive muscles: calf, thighs, bottom…

Then we make the teams, because in football there are two teams. Yes, I know, I’m an expert! The children who are celebrating their birthday choose the team leader of the opposing team. They call one person after the other to be members of their respective teams, and they then arrange themselves behind their captain!

It would be ideal if you’ve got shirts or different coloured t-shirts to split up the two teams, and this would be the moment to give them out. If not, you can give them out fluorescent gilets or bibs from Decathlon to one of the two teams. Once you’ve established and got into the teams, you can ask them to decide on a team name. It is very possible that Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United will come out very quickly!

Now that we’ve warmed up the muscles, we’re going to do some team relays: 

– we run with raised, rigid lags (there and back)
– we run whilst kicking our bottoms (there and back)
– we run with our knees as high as opssible in front of us (there and back)

Then you can set up the cones (that you’ve bought beforehand at Decathlon) with the children so they can do a dribbling relay in their teams. And we’re finishing with a little penalty shoot-out with a twist : you must knock down the cone pyramid!

After the training and before the start of the match, a team photo calls! It’s amazing to see the children posed as if they were the champions of the Premier League, watch them make a pyramid or watch them blend in with the other team!

I have myself done a football themed birthday party for Jules’ birthday party. He was 9 years olf. The photos and the sequence of events will be the object of a post in our community if you use the tag FOOTBALL!


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