Floral Balloons

Floral Balloons

giant floral balloon

Seen everywhere amongst wedding inspriration mood boards and we know that you have them saved on your Pinterest!

So don’t fret if you’re a little old school, we’re giving you the best advice to create this magical decoration that combines both balloons and flowers for a beautiful, delicate wedding decoration. Follow our simple tutorial!



1. Cut some flower heads, leaving them with short stems. Also cut some pieces of tape.

2. Attach small bouquets to the ivy creeper every 10 cm.

3. Inflate your balloon with helium and when tying the knot, slide the ivy stem through. Be careful to keep the balloons tied down with pepples or balloon weights. And if there is any wind, don’t hesitate to make another knot with the ivy at the bottom of the balloon to reinforce its grip.


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