How to fill a pinata…

How to fill a pinata…

How to fill a pinata...

The piñata is THE must-have at a successful party. Children are crazy for them and can’t help being impatient while they wait for the moment to arrive whey they can finally break it open!

As the piñata arrives empty, don’t forget to pick up the accessories that you’ll need to fill it. On all the My Little Day piñatas, you’ll find a little point to push inwards to make the opening appear in the piñata. Sweetspresents and confetti, here’s our advice so that you can fill them up easily and cleverly!


  • Fizzy sweets like these
  • Gummy sweets in plastic just here
  • Hard sweets here

We’ve chosen sweets in wrappers, unless you want them all to finish crushed up on the floor… We’ve also chosen sweets that are soft and light, don’t forget that they’ll inevitably fall onto your head! We’ve left out lollipops to avoid any potential accidents with the stick. Carambars and malabars are both welcome! To avoid any tears, we’ve used at least as many sweets as there will be children at the party.


  • Elastic animals just here
  • Finger monsters here
  • Tattoos here
  • Some mini figurines like these
  • Or even some hair slides which you can find here

Sweets are good, but presents are even better (it wasn’t me that said it!). Therefore, for those people who want to spoil the children, you can slip presents into the piñata. In this case, choose ones that are small, we’ve got an ideal selection for you just here!

Similar to the sweets, we’ve chosen gifts that are soft, light and not too fragile because they’re going to endure a proper crash test!

We love the fake tattoos and the children are also obsessed with them, you can easily cut out the tattoos one by one and slip them into the piñata. To avoid any tears, we’re giving you the same advice that we’ve given for the sweets, fill the piñata with as many gifts as there are children coming to the party.

A good idea: set aside some empty paper party bags that the children can fill up with their new goodies and like so you don’t need to worry about sorting out party bags at the end of the party!


  • Golden diamond table confetti like this
  • Silver confetti here
  • Golden star confetti here
  • Green and silver confetti like this

Confetti is the perfect party piece for a piñata. One bag of confetti works well, but we’re not going to deny that fact that two works even better!

And there you have it, the pinata is ready!


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