Feather Dreamcatcher

Feather Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers, which are very popular in the Native American culture, take away bad dreams whilst keeping pretty pictures of the night. Do you want a peaceful night’s sleep? Well, here’s the solution! Have fun with your children making this object of mystical beauty which will create a magical atmosphere inside your teepee!


  • Feathers like these and these!
  • A pretty tree branch
  • Some string like this
  • A pair of scissors

1. Cut the string to 1m in length.

2. Tie the two ends to the branch.

3. Cut several bits of string to different lengths.

4. Tie a feather to the end of the string.

5. Tie the set to the branch. Do the same with all the other feathers that you have.

There you have it; your dream catcher is ready. Now let yourself be enchanted by your dreams.


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