Fantastic Birthday Masks

Fantastic Birthday Masks

What’s better than becoming a little monster for your birthday? We’ve put together a DIY activity with easy to make masks taken straight from Greta’s imagination, the heroine of the film Fantastic Birthday.


  • White pieces of paper
  • Some drawing paper
  • A foam board (optional)
  • All the printables to print here!
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue stick
  • String

1. Print out all printables and then cut them out.

2. Stick them onto the back of the drawing paper.

3. Cut out the shapes.

4. Stick on the strips of the nose creating the right shape in volume.

5. Optional: Stick the foamboard in between each shape to give a little depth.

6. Make some little holes on each side of the mask so that you can thread the string through.

Hey presto! Your mask is ready!

BONUS: Do you need a decoration for your birthday party taken straight from the film Fantastic Birthday? This section here is made for you!

Monster masks


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