Do This, Do That

Do This, Do That

Fais comme ceci, jeu pour enfant

Do This, Do That is a difficult game. You must be focused, be full of ideas when it comes to leading the game and be capable of umpiring. It’s a great game!

— I would like everybody to sit cross-legged on the floor facing me. I will give you a series of orders by saying «do this, do that» and I will show you what to do. If I say “do this”, you will have to mimic what I show you, but if I say “do that” you must not move at all! Understood?

— Yes!

— Perfect. I am the first leader. Of course, if you make too many mistakes, I will get you out of the game! The last person left becomes the new leader.

Make very simple movements like looking on one side then on the other, slapping your bottom, stretchingyour finger to the right, then to the left, clapping your hands, sniffing, placing yourself on all fours.

You must of course switch to new movements very quickly to mislead the players. However don’t be too hard, you can give the children several chances before eliminating them. 


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