Eye Balloons

Eye Balloons


For Halloween or for celebrating a monstrous evening, we’ve got an atrocious DIY activity to share with you ! You can do this before the party or as a workshop activity during the birthday party. This idea is also featured on the site of one of our Finnish traders Pop up kemut, and on the site Balloon Time.


  • A gigantic balloon that you will find here
  • Indelible markers in black, red and another colour
  • Some masking tape or sellotape
  • Some thread

1. Inflate the giant balloon.
2. Make a knot around your pen with the thread, stick it to the balloon and draw firstly a circle in black.

3. Draw a second circle in the same way, that is slightly bigger than the first with your coloured felt-tip pen and colour both circles in.
4. Draw the veins with the red marker.

There you have it; your balloon eye is finished ! Make as many as you’d like and hang them up around your house for some frightening Halloween decorations !


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