Eye Balloons

Eye Balloons


For Halloween or to celebrate a little monster’s birthday, we have the perfect freaky DIY for you! Create before the party or use as an entertaining arts and crafts workshop during. This idea is also on the site of our awesome Finish distributor Pop up kemut and equally Balloon Time.


  • A gigantic balloon that you will find here
  • Indelible markers in black, red and another colour
  • Some masking tape
  • Some thread

1. Inflate the giant balloon.
2. Make a knot around your pen with the thread, stick it to the balloon and draw firstly a circle in black.

3. Draw a second circle in the same way, that is slightly bigger than the first with your coloured felt-tip pen and colour both circles in.
4. Draw the veins with the red marker.

There you have it; your balloon eye is finished! Make as many as you’d like and hang them up around your house for some frightening Halloween decorations!


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