Easy Treasure Hunt

Easy Treasure Hunt

Easy treasure hunt

This treasure hunt is designed for the little ones, children who don’t yet know how to read or how to read very well. There’s no need to make them feel uncomfortable on their birthday, it’s a simple one! The coolest activity for a little pirate‘s birthday!

— Have you behaved like true heroes? You are therefore ready for a treasure hunt! I have hidden some clues that you will need to find. Each clue leads to another clue with eventually leads to the treasure. To help you, To help you, I’m going to say “it’s hot” when you come close to the clue, “it’s cold” when you are moving further away and “it’s warm” when you are heading in the right direction… Are you ready?

— Yessss.

— Right, I’m going to read you out the first clue: “the first clue is hidden where you don’t sleep, where you don’t eat but where you play”. Do you understand?

The ideal thing to do is to make the treasure with little gifts, or little bags of sweets intended for your guests. Write everybody’s names on their gift bag. The simplest way is to prepare 3 or 4 clues that you can hide before the children arrive : a clue under the sofa, another one under the washing machine, one under the quilt… It’s up to you to find places in your house! Give out clues that are quite vague (for example : “the clue is in the living room”) or make them like a riddle. If one of the children knows how to read, he/she can read out the clue for the others. 


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