Easter under confinement

Easter under confinement

fêter Pâques pendant le confinement

In lockdown times, it’s important to set our sights in the future, to give ourselves a date in the calendar to aim for (to keep us sane!) For me, Easter seems like the next milestone since it isn’t tooo long way (April 12), but in three weeks we can get a lot done!

So how am I getting ready for Easter?

  • Firstly, I noted the date in my Mathilde Cabanas confinement planner (because it’s cute and I like to pretend I am organized).
  • I have been stripping back my diet to the essentials:  Carrot soup, carrot gratin; carrot juice, carrot cake (with cream cheese of course) (recipe probably from Lili Barbery or Rose Bakery), in this order, and then repeat!
  • I have been watching anything that can be linked to Easter or bunnies so: Who framed Roger Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, Zootopia, Bugs Bunny; Alice in Wonderland (Disney or Burton), Ice Age, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.. at a rate of one film a day!
On prépare Pâques et on fait le plein d'activités pendant le confinement

For Easter decoration I will opt for one of these two options

  1. Place an order online
  2. DIY deco, starting a week before Easter I will try and get one crafty thing done everyday (or I will delegate these DIY tasks to my children)! Easter films in the background will help us while we work! Here are some exampls of Easter DIY you can do aswell:-

*Make ears for your glasses or cups to turn them into bunnies

*Make customized Easter masks

*Turn paper pouches into bunny rabbit pouches

*Make Easter baskets

*Make a wall of flowers (with real flowers if your supermarket sells them, or with tissue paper flowers if you want to get creative for an afternoon)

*Make surprise eggs: I make mine for my children and they make them for me

Finally, I will start to make my Easter egg hunt

des activités pour la chasse aux oeufs

In short in preparation for Easter I have a whole bunch of things to do and if I have planned well enough I should get them all finished!


8 Gobelets - Mini Lapin

2 Barrettes oreilles de lapin

Pâques - Kit de 6 oeufs à décorer

DIY : 5 ballons lapin

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