Earth Water Wind

Earth Water Wind birthday game

Earth Water Wind

This circle game is a major classic. It requires children to use their memory and their knowledge of animals, it’s all very amusing! 

— Let’s form a circle again and sit down cross-legged. On my count of three, everybody on the floor 1, 2, 3! Do you know animals that live on the earth?

— A cat, a sheep…

— Yes, that’s right and there are many more. Do you know animals that live in the air?

— An owl, a butterfly, a swallow…

— Well done. Do you know animals that live in the sea?

— A shark, a clownfish, an octopus.

— That’s right! So, one at a time each of you will name an animal that lives on the earth, in the air or in the sea. But you must carefully listen to what your friends say because you should not repeat twice the same animal name! Here we go, Tom, you sit to my right so I will start with you. I would like you to say the name of an animal that lives on the earth.

— A dog.

— Lucy : an animal that lives in the air?

The objective of the game is of course to answer as quickly as possible and to encourage Tom and his guests to concentrate. Some of them may repeat the previous answers but it doesn’t matter, just correct them and carry on with the game.


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