Dorothée et Gabriella

— Dorothée et Gabriella

It’s been us two since the beginning. We are Gabriella Toscan du Plantier and Dorothée Monestier. We started off studying History of Art and then moved to hosting birthday parties. Then we became mothers, one of us a mother/journalist and the other a mother/in charge of a design and furniture showroom. We were always rushing around, trying to find balance and harmony between our family lives and professional lives. Trying to do the best we could all the time.
We would meet other women, friends, like us, mirrors of us, running around and not knowing how to organise their child’s birthday party, amongst other things. So we decided we wanted to become the masters of birthday parties!
From there was born the idea of a website where there would be birthday kits and books of games which would give to mums all the tools and information to organise a birthday party like a professional. We put our heart and soul into these books of games, determined to help other parents like us. And that is how My Little Day was born.
Firstly the blog in 2009 and the site to follow in 2010. At first the blog was like a diary of the creation of My Little Day, where we put mood boards of things that were inspiring to us, the trends of the time, images of our community… Since 2009, things have evolved, more or less quickly, and the blog has changed its form 3 times. Not many images from the beginnings of MLD remain on the blog because we had to adapt.
The mood boards have migrated towards Pinterest, and we have stopped telling our personal stories to make way for articles which are really useful, thus the blog has become a wealth of practical advice, a toolkit for our site, answering questions like: how to fill up a piñata? how to make a wall of balloons? how to throw a unicorn-themed birthday party? how to decorate for a dinosaur-themed birthday party? what to do to celebrate a 5 year old’s birthday? In short, with this blog, we ask the important questions!
There we have it the history of our blog. We hope that it will help you and or course we welcome your requests!! We are always happy to see your parties; they give us ideas and bring us joy, so don’t hesitate to post your photos with #mylittleday or #dailydoseoffiesta and your images will appear on our Community page!
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