Doolittle and My Little Day

Doolittle and My Little Day

les couvertures de Doolittle de 2012 à 2020

Doolittle and us, it’s been 8 years!!

8 years we have lasted !

8 years out of 10, that’s yonks.

8 years of crazy covers

8 years of off-the-wall articles

At the start of our history, there was Anne-Charlotte Vermynck, the chief writer

And then over the years, we have come to love all the writing. That said, we have stayed very faithful to Anne-Charlotte with whom we share a common passion: drinking a couple of glasses and chatting for hours about life…

How could we not fall in love??!

It must be said that the magazine has a color, a touch, a spirit, a grain of its own. Individuality in short.

And obviously we like that.

And what a pleasure to be loved in return!

Thank you for these papers, thank you for all these photos, thank you for knowing how to show our products differently.

Thank you for finding them and making them beautiful and poetic.

Thank you for putting your own spin on things.

Every time you photograph our products, it’s like you are taking photos of a little piece of us!

And each time we feel more beautiful and more fresh !!



doolittle de 2016 à 2020


Déguisement fille : tutu rose

ballons chiffre rose gold

Arche de ballons rose gold

Canon à confettis rose gold

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