Lion Head Photobooth

Lion Head Photobooth

The release of the new Lion King remake in cinemas is taking us straight back to our childhood, amidst the savannah with Pumbaa and Timon, the blossoming love story with Nala, and the big fight between Scar and Simba! We already have lots of ideas for a safari party over on the blog, but we’ve added this super simple activity which just requires some marker pens and a sheet for the hands on members of the group.

Get ready to roar !
This tutorial was inspired by Ikea, go and take a look !


  • A white sheet
  • Felt tip pens here or here (Sharpie pens work too)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Printable template which can be downloaded here if needed.

1. Take your sheet and marker pens. If you’re slightly hesitant, download the template to help you recreate the drawing.

2. Colour in the sheet, if you have kids aged between 6 and 8 years who are used to colouring and fans of arts and crafts, don’t hesitate to get them involved ! Draw the outlines and they can do the rest. If the drawing isn’t perfect it doesn’t matter, it’s just a bit of fun !

3. Cut out the mouth with scissors, be careful. To make it easier we did not include bottom teeth on the template as the fabric is going to fold and crease. If you can, cut some white card in the same shape as the teeth and stick it to the bottom so that the fangs can be seen.

4. Ta-da ! There’s nothing left to do but hang the sheet from a pole (here a shower curtain rail fixed between doors) and enjoy the photos. It’s time to ROOAARRR and take your place as King of the party !


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