Sparkly Unicorn Globe

Sparkly Unicorn Globe

Unicorn diy

The unicorn is one of the most mystical animals there is ! They live in magnificent kingdoms and enchanted forests. What little girl has never dreamed of whispering in the ear of a unicorn and galloping through the fields like a princess in a fairy tale? It just so happens that we’ve come up with a way of having one just next to us at all times. Put it at the centre of a party table or on your bedside table, this sparkly globe will really add a bit of magic to your days.


  • A little jar with a lid to close it
  • A unicorn figurine like this one
  • A cork
  • A teaspoon of sequins
  • A tube of silver poster paint
  • Some runny glue
  • A glass of demineralised water
  • Two spoons of glycerine

1. Cut the cork to use as a pedestal for the unicorn. The size depends on the shape of your jar, the idea is that the unicorn is high enough so that it’s not hidden by the cork.
2. Completely paint the cork and the lid with the silver paint. Leave it to dry.

3. Put the glue underneath the cork and stick it onto the inside of the lid.
4. Stick the unicorn onto the top of the cork. Leave it to dry.

5. Fill up the jar with the sequins, the water and the glycerine.
6. Close the jar firmly by turning the lid. Shake so that the sequins spread out.

There you have it; your sparkly unicorn globe is finished! You can keep it for yourself or give it as a present for all the unicorn lovers out there!


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