Moana Flower Necklace

Moana Flower Necklace

Moana flower necklace DIY

If you’re having a Hawaiian or Moana-themed party, a tropical flower necklace is essential! Your little guests will love to be welcomed by this pretty necklace. Following this DIY, it’s super simple to make, but guaranteed to impress!


  • The printable, which can be downloaded here
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some A4 paper
  • Some straws, which can be found here
  • Some string

1. Print out the printable. Cut out the flowers and make a little hole at the centre of each flower.

2.  Take approx. 80cm of string and cut the straws into 3cm pieces. Then thread onto the string alternately a flower, then a straw piece, a flower then a straw piece…

3. Your flower necklace is ready! All you have to do is knot it around your neck!


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