Diving Mask – Hockney

Diving Mask – Hockney

The David Hockney exhibition in the middle of summer in Paris (but also the re-runs of ‘Le Grand Bleu’ (Jacques Mayol if you can hear me!!!) has inspired us to to produce a series of SUBMARINE TUTORIALS!
Between the blue waves and the crazy spirit of the marvellous Wes Anderson and aquatic life, we have created the PERFECT DIY for a photobooth halfway between Bill Murray & Jean Marc Barr!


  • The print out which can be downloaded here
  • Strong card or bristol paper
  • Liquid glue
  • A plastic sheet or a plastic pocket
  • A blue sharpie or permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • A cutting knife
  • A biro pen

1. Download and print the printout on bristol paper.
2. Cut out the mask and the legs with scissors and cut out the middle with a cutting mask.

3. Draw round the shape of the mask with a biro pen on the plastic pocket and cut out what will be the window of your diving mask. Stick the window on the back of the mask with liquid glue.

4. Fold the flaps on the mask along the dotted line and stick down the legs of your mask.

5. With the marker, draw some little waves, which will give you the impression of being at the bottom of a swimming pool, on a trip on the Calypso with Cousteau, basically ‘le Grand Bleu’ in perspective!


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