Disco Ball Party Bags

Disco Ball Party Bags

The Voice pochette surprise

Do you feel like going all out with a Disco or The Voice theme? Here’s a genius idea to make Saturday Night Fever-style disco ball party bags!


  • Party bags, which can be found here
  • Silver confetti, which can be found here
  • A glue stick
  • Little presents, which can be found here
  • Sweets, which can be found here

1. Cover the confetti with glue and stick them on one by one onto the bag. We’ve chosen to stick them in a grid pattern but feel free to stick them however you like!

Distribute the little presents into each party bag. Temporary tattoosstickershair clipsmini figurines… The choice and the amount of each item is up to you.

3. Add a pinch of confetti!

4. Close it with the help of some masking tape.

5. Put them at the entrance to give them out more easily.

PRO ADVICE: The gifts for the little guests should be given out on the doorstep when everyone is ready to leave. You could also write the children’s first names directly onto the party bags avoiding any dramas.


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