Dinosaur Party Bags

Dinosaur Party Bags

dino party bag

Everyone loves presents! We’re going to explain how you can prepare party bags full of surprises that you can give out at the end of a dinosaur themed birthday party! Super easy! Party bags are a hit at birthday parties, and the children become quite impatient waiting for them. However, you must resist the pressure and only give them out as they’re leaving. What’s inside is of little relevance, the main point is that it’s a surprise party bag! For dinosaur theme, we’ve selected actual gifts but you can also put sweets, jokes and a balloon inside. The children will be thrilled and grateful for the rest of time (we hope)!

1. Divide up the little gifts into each party bag.
2. Using some masking tape, close up the bag and write the guest’s name on a gift tag.
3. Put them in the entrance/hallway so that you can give them out easily.

Give out the presents for the little guests on the doorstep, when everyone’s ready to leave. You can note down the children’s names directly onto the party bags, or use the gift tags. This means that you’ll avoid any dramas of who gets what! 

Feel free to replace the little presents with sweets!


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