Dinosaur Quiz

Dinosaur Quiz

dinosaur quiz

How about a dinosaur quiz?  We’ve found nothing better for a dinosaur themed birthday party! You’re going to see that it’s great and it’s very much possible that you will things about yourself, your child and their friends!


Do a sketch with the children on the origins of the word dinosaur. The dinosaur comes from Greek words (very appropriate time to speak to them in a little bit in Greek), deinos (terrible, magnificent) and saûros (reptile, lizard). The dinosaur is therefore a terrible lizard! The dinosaur first appeared 230 million years ago and then disappeared 60 million years ago.


Do a quiz by asking them: 

  • Which dinosaur steals other dinosaurs’ eggs ? (Oviraptor) What’s the biggest dinosaur ? (Argentinosaurus) The tallest dinosaur ? (Sauroposeidon) The longest dinosaur ? (Supersaurus and Diplodocus ex-aequo) The largest dinosaur ? (Gigantoraptor) The smallest dinosaur ? (Microraptor)
  • Name the different types of dinosaur: land animals, flying animals, two-legged animals, quadrupeds, carnivores, herbivores.
  • In each category, you can ask them to give you the names of the dinosaurs. If they know how to write, you can ask them to get into groups and class the dinosaurs by category! You will find that some children are true experts. Several names of dinosaurs are: the Triceratops, the Stegosaurus, the Diplodocus, the Spinosaurus, the Giganotosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus, the Microraptor, the Velociraptor…

You must ask the questions quickly so that the children don’t lose interest… 

You might be pleasantly surprised by the extent of their knowledge! 


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