Dinosaur Puppet

Dinosaur Puppet

Dinosaur Animated

When we think about dinosaurs, we think of luscious, dense, rich and green plants. We think of animals appearing suddenly out of the blue, fantastical and dangerous creatures which are slow yet boisterous. We think of terrifying animals. When we think of dinosaurs, we think about lots of things and above all we enjoy doing it. But the realm of dinosaurs can also turn out to be a calm world where children get busy colouring and creating their own puppet…



  • The printable which you can download here!
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Paints
  • Some scissors
  • Brass fasteners

1. Give each child an A4 piece of paper printed with the dinosaur shapes.

2. Ask them to cut out the shapes and to write their name on the back of each shape.

3. Ask them to colour in, paint or put stamps on the shapes.

4. Use the tip of the scissors or a hole punch to pierce little holes into the shapes.

5. When the shapes are ready and you’ve put the holes in them, ask the children to put the dinosaur back together by fastening together the different bits using the brass fasteners so that they work as their joints.

There you have it; your dinosaur puppet is finished and it looks more real than the actual thing! Now all that’s left to do is to let him meet all your other friends by organising a great dinosaur themed birthday party!


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