Dinosaur Photobooth

Dinosaur Photobooth

Dinosaur photobooth

When we think of dinosaurs, we think of animals emerging out of nowhere, fantastical and dangerous creatures which are stealthy and loud… We’ve taken these elements, we’ve mixed them together in our heads and have thought up a photo booth for a fabulous birthday party!  


  • The printable to print out here!
  • Some drawing paper
  • Some masking tape here!
  • A pair of scissors
  • Skewers
  • A glue stick

1. Print out the printable and stick it on the back of the piece of card.

2. Then cut out the different shapes.

3. Use the masking tape to stick the skewers onto the dinosaurs.

There you have it; your dinosaur photo booth is finished! It will create the jungle atmosphere for your birthday party!

Prepare them before the party and use them in the photobooth or print them out for each guest so that you can do a dinosaur workshop during the party!! 
You can also use the dinosaurs as masks! 


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