Dinosaur Cake Bunting

Dinosaur Cake Bunting

Cake Bunting Dino

When we think about dinosaurs, we think about dense, rich, green and luxurious plant life. We think of animals appearing suddenly out of nowhere, fantastical and dangerous animalsstealthy and loud… We’ve taken these elements, had a brainstorm and have come up with some great cake bunting for a dinosaur themed birthday cake that you’ve dreamed of for your child!!


  • The printable which you can print out here!
  • Two straws like these
  • Masking tape which you can buy here!
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some string
  • A glue stick

1. Print out the printable then cut out the dinosaurs and leaves by following the templates.

2. Stick the leaves on the two ends of each straw to make a jungle. Make sure that you leave a little bit poking out at the bottom of the straw so that you can put it in the cake.

3. Cut out a bit of thread measuring approximately 20cm.

4. Cut out 6 bits of masking tape that you will stick along the length of the thread to form a garland.

5. Use the scissors to cut the bits of masking tape into triangular shapes to create the bunting garland.

6. Stick the string at the top of each straw, hidden under the leaves, so that you’ve joined together the two straws.

There you have it; your dinosaur cake bunting is finished. Now all that’s left for you to do is put it in a cake to give a jungle atmosphere to your birthday party!

Important, this is an arts and crafts DIY which you can do before the party (I feel like saying well before the party) by an adult or a older child that can cut out very well! 


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