Difficult Relay Races

Difficult Relay Races

Des relais difficiles jeu enfant

These relays are a little bit trickier than before but can equally be done with 7 year olds. Create your teams and then we’ll begin.

— We’re going to do a series of relays. Get yourself in single file behind your team leader. You are going to stand right back against the wall and I am going to do the same on the wall opposite. I’ll give you an order, for example – touch my hand and then return and touch the hands of the other members of your team. The team leader starts, then the next member of your team can then go. The team wins when the team leader is once again back to the beginning.

— The first relay is a relay in pairs. It’s a wheelbarrow race. Let’s go. Jules hold Louison and Margaux take Hugo, when you come back, switch around. Right, is each pair ready? Okay let’s go!

— For the second relay, I would like you to do a round-trip whilst running backwards!

— For the third relay, I would like you to do a round-trip again in pairs. But this time, I am going to ask you to attach yourself to the other person : one arm over, one arm under or you can stick your legs together (you can ask them to attach their feet with a scarf that they pass on when they switch, this will be an added difficulty).

— For the fourth relay, you are going to have to blow an L onto this piece of paper to continue, although you are not allowed to touch it.


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