Diamond advent calendar

Diamond advent calendar

Diamond advent calendar

The 1st December is soon approaching and when we think about the 1st December, what comes to mind are Advent Calendars ! We’re suggesting that you make a creative and modern advent calendar which as well as being an advent calendar will also be a decorative object! 24 advent diamond crackers to make sure the month of December is twinkling and sparkling! This DIY activity has been inspired to us by Bog & idé.


  • Black and white pieces of paper measuring 15 x 15cm minimum.
  • Gel Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • A needle
  • A reel of string like these ones
  • 24 gift-tags here, to write the advent numbers on with a black marker 
  • Surprises that you can slip inside the diamond shaped origamis: sweet treats or mini gifts.

1. Find the steps for folding the origami diamonds on the fantastic blog: Bog & idé.
2. Pierce the diamond in its centre and then thread the string through with the needle.

3. Make a loop and hang the gift tag from it.
4. Put it back in through the hole and make a knot on the inside.

5. Pierce a hole in the middle of the other half of the diamond and then use the needle to thread through the string.
6. Cut it to your desired length.
7. Add the little gifts and stick the two halfs of the diamond together with the Gel Glue.

There you have it, your advent calendar is finished ! Now all that’s left for you to do is to hang it from the wall and wait patiently for the 1st December !


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