Tropical Dinosaur Leaves

Tropical Dinosaur Leaves

tropical dinosaur leaves

When we think of dinosaurs, we think of dense, luscious, rich, green vegetation… And I can’t think of anything better than tropical leaves to create an atmosphere of greenery and plant life ! So, the idea is stick them everywhere !


  • Some drawing paper
  • Some glue
  • Some scissors
  • The printable to download here
  • OR the leaves that are ready-made here!

1. Print out the printable.
2. Stick these shapes onto the pieces of card to give them a more rigid structure.
3. Then cut out each reinforced shape from the card.
4. Hang up the leaves on your wall using masking tape like this.
5. You can also use them as table decorations by putting them under the plates! ous en servir comme décoration de table en les disposant sous les assiettes !

The tropical decoration is ready! Tropical jungle atmosphere guaranteed!

This wall of greenery can also be used for dinosaur photobooths! 


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