Themed Birthday Parties

Themed Birthday Parties

A themed birthday party is a birthday party with a story. If the theme of your birthday party is DINOSAURS, it’s necessary that the common thread throughout the afternoon is DINOSAURS. There’s nothing more simple, it’ll be present in everything (from games to the decorations, and don’t forget the cake) !

Children love stories. Some more than others. Some stories make you scared, some stories draw you in. Some are quite dark and gloomy, others are bright and hopeful. Some contain moral messages, others are sugar-coated. Some have heroic characters, others feature just normal people.

In each of these stories, there’s a colour, a light, a sound, something which connects us to the story. Sequins make us think of princesses, stars make us think of superheroes… Words and things take on a meaning, and in the eyes of children, a magical power. The magic of the words present themselves within the games of princesses and superheroes, one simple thing can transform them into the princesses they’ve always dreamed of. The power of the word “princess” is instantaneous, the game takes on a dimension which until now was unknown. The words, colours, shapes and pictures bestowed upon the party create a unique world !

The guides below have been created to help you put these theme factors into place, and in turn, transform your entire party.

The guides include cowboysdinosaursprincesses and Little Red Riding Hood. Simple ideas, but very effective:

– A selection of words and colours which contribute towards your theme.

– A DIY activity to create a wearable accessory or a decoration.

– A workshop which the children can carry out during the party.

– An easy but marvellous recipe.

The decoration sets the tone, so go all out ! Set the table or make a buffet incorporating the colours and the motifs of the theme. Use redblue and stars for superheroes and pink and gold for princesses.

Go ahead and put up garlandshoneycomb decorations and balloons in the middle of the room or all over, go small or big, it’s up to you. Blow up the balloons with air or helium, with your mouth or with a pump. You could even mix and match the sizes, shapes and colours of the balloons.

Several ideas for hanging things up :

– A large bunch of balloons hanging upside down styled like a chandelier.

– Small bunches of 6 balloons tied securely to create a flower which you could intersperse on the walls.

– Balloons hung up one after the other at 1 m intervals, upside down all around the room.

– Balloons stuck on the walls like a piece of contemporary art.

Workshops and DIY activities still exist. We’ve done a few and children still do them at school, in the playground…. This isn’t something new that we’ve come up with ! We’ve got together the ideas which appear the most frequently for an exciting afternoon and to match each child’s ability.  Each of these workshops and DIY activities can be tailored to different themes with a little bit of work and imagination ! The DIY activities can also be transformed into workshops if the children are over 6 years old. Using each of these objects, even the simplest ones, you’ll be able to tell a story : a fortune teller is definitely a good base for the imagination…

Cakes also tell the same stories.  To make a superhero cake, you’ll need to adhere to the colours of your chosen theme. A heroic character sitting on top will immediately give a super cool touch. In fact, the recipe doesn’t matter that much. This is why your party prep can be so simple. Besides, children can be difficult and a bit challenging, the simpler the cake, the more everyone will enjoy it… 


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