Customise Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Customise Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Christmas Reindeer

Have you spent weeks knitting scarfs, woolly hats and jumpers for all the family and your children can only dream of helping you? Instead of sacrificing the jumper that you’re in the middle of making for your toddlers, suggest to them that they should dress their little animal toys for the winter months! We’re suggesting a DIY activity to dress Rudolph the Reindeer, but it also works well for dolls and other figurines!


  • A reindeer that you can find here
  • Two threads of baker twine, each 80 cm
  • Printed paper that you can cut out into pockets or wrapping paper for example
  • Wool: 2 threads measuring approximately 80 cm each.
  • A ball of felt
  • Some tape
  • Some scissors
  • Some gel glue

1. Roll up your paper into a cone and tape it together.
2. Cut straight across the base of the cone to make it an appropriate length, roll it up to make a hat and tape it together.
3. Glue the ball of felt onto the point of the hat.

4. Take the thread of wool and baker twine, make a knot and then braid them together. To finish off the braid, make another knot.
5. Add the scarf and the hat onto the reindeer.

There you have it, Rudolph is dressed up nice and warm to go and deliver presents on Christmas Eve! If your children ask for another one, they can dress up their little toys to go to a grand ball thanks to the DIY Woolly Bow Tie activity!


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