Craft Christmas Garland

Craft Christmas Garland

printable gratuit atelier guirlande kraft de noel

Magical Christmas decoration

A Christmas activity for you and your little ones!


  • The printable here
  • All the necessary material can be found on our site here
guirlande kraft noel printable gratuit materiel

1. Print out the printable on a blank piece of paper and cut out the shapes

2. Take a patterned piece of paper (or Kraft paper or glitter paper) and fold it in two lengthways, with the patterned side on the inside

3. Take the shapes that you have cut out and place them on the blank side of the folded piece of paper. Make sure you place it on the fold as seen on below right photo

diy guirlande kraft printable gratuit noel

4. Cut out the shape paying attention to not cut the fold!

5. Turn the motifs back around to the correct side with the white paper on the inside and put glue on the white sides

6. Place the piece of string in the middle of the fold as seen in the below left photo.

7. Take the side without glue and stick it to the other side whilst keeping the piece of string in the fold. Press down well to make sure the two sides are well stuck together

8. Repeat these steps for all the other shapes, spacing them out one after another along the piece of string

printable gratuit atelier guirlande kraft de noel

9. And your magical Christmas garland is complete!

printable gratuit atelier guirlande kraft de noel

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