The Cowboys & Indians Quiz

The Cowboys & Indians Quiz

A little Cowboys & Indians themed quiz ? This theme is all centered around stories and legends, and is therefore the perfect opportunity for a quiz ! Here are a few examples of questions that you could ask but, of course, feel free to change the questions up a little depending on the age of the children. To mix things up a bit and make it more interesting, you could split the children into two teams, and the fastest team to buzz in with the right answer wins a point/a sweet !

Correct answers in bold.


1. What is the rope called that Cowboys use to capture cattle ?

  • A lasso
  • A bandeau
  • A cattle rope

2. What is the chief of police of the Cowboys called ?

  • The captain
  • The president
  • The sheriff

3. What do the Indians nickname the Cowboys ?

  • The big noses
  • The pale faces 
  • The long feets

4. Cowboys rear :

  • Pigs
  • Cows 
  • Chickens

5. Cowboys love :

  • Running races
  • Archery
  • Rodeos

6. What is the Cowboy called who can shoot faster than his shadow ?

  • Buffalo Bill
  • Billy the Kid
  • Lucky Luke 

7. What is a bar in the Wild West called ?

  • A bistro
  • A saloon
  • A tearoom

8. What are Cowboy films called ?

  • Thrillers
  • Epics
  • Westerns 

9. To declare war, the Indians dig up :

  • The sword
  • The hatchet
  • The totem pole

10. Where do the Indians live ?

  • In teepees 
  • In huts
  • In houses


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