Cowboy Toppers

Cowboy Toppers

The desert, the dry earth, a saloon door which swings back and forth, you’re now well and truly in the midst of a Cowboys and Indians adventure… Whoever is the first to put their flag in the ground wins! We’re suggesting that you revive this story but with a caketoppers and figurines… Now all that’s left for you to do is to pick your team!


  • The printables which you can print here!
  • A white or coloured sheet of card preferably
  • A round hole punch or a pair of scissors
  • Some masking tape, which you can buy here!
  • Skewers and toothpicks

1. Print out the printables onto a sheet of card.

2. Use the round hole punch to cut out the letters that you’d like to use.

3. Stick each circle on a skewer with a little bit of masking tape.

There you have it; your Cow-boy toppers are ready! To finish off the Wild Wild West feeling of your cake, you can add some figurines of Indians that you will find here!


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