The Countdown Wedding Schedule

The Countdown Wedding Schedule

Fleur champêtre

The era of dancing in a fury to Single Ladies by Beyoncé is well and truly over… he (or she) has put a ring on your finger!
We offer our most sincere condolences congratulations!
Your dumbstruck smile hasn’t left you since, and yet, despite everything, do hot flushes overwhelm you when you try to imagine what awaits you? We are going to work together to cut through the jungle that is planning a wedding, and you will see, little by little, that you can start to breathe again. Grab your machetes!

The most important thing, of course, is to set the date, or at least the period that you would like your ceremony to take place.

As soon as you have decided if you would prefer a little dress beside the water or a fur coat and a chalet, it’s time to choose your venue:
Certain places are reserved months (or even years) in advance, so this is THE priority.
At worst, do what Monica did, and reserve the place before you have even said yes, or even before you have found your other half!
Jokes aside, to get the place of your dreams, many things will have to be adapted to suit.

Do you dream of getting married in the middle of the forest or a hidden field? Then anticipate a – big – budget for a tent, and especially an electricity generator. Do you want to get married in a pretty stone castle in the middle of the vineyards? Some places may require a caterer, a decorator, etc…

Basically, as you will have gathered, it is, above all, the date and the location of your wedding that will determine a lot of other decisions.

It is also necessary to look at the matter of the ceremony venue, especially if you want to have a religious ceremony. The place of worship will also play a major role in choosing your reception venue.

Once that your ideas are a bit more clear, here is a little checklist of esstential things to be done right away:

  • Make a list of vital guests and ideal guests. The final list lies somewhere between the two.
  • Establish a budget, or at least an allowance that must not be exceeded. It’s not very romantic, but it will avoid a lot of problems in the future.
  • Let your family and friends know. This little get-together can also be useful to talk about your budget!

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want my civil ceremony and religious/secular ceremony to take place on the same day?
    In principle, you must get married at your local town hall, and this can have a big influence on your reception venue, if you choose to celebrate the two on the same day.
  • Do I want to organise everything with family or with the help of professionals? Doing everything with your friends and family is certainly very tempting for some people (and we will help you out with plenty of DIY ideas). Please note, however, that you must invest a lot of time in this throughout the year; and equally so on the day. Wedding professionals (a wedding planner or even just a decorator) can really make your life easier.

In accordance with your answers, the serious stuff can begin! The earlier that you go about choosing your wedding service providers, the more likely you are to have exactly what you want, on the date that you want.

We have concocted a full 12-month countdown schedule for you. Are you ready?

Download the schedule


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