Confinement DIY Chart

Confinement DIY Chart

des ateliers pour le confinements

I could write a complex comparison for you of Real life / Life under confinement but that wouldn’t be any fun because confinement life IS our reality for now !!! So what I will do for you instead is give you some ideas for how to turn your “real life” activities into confinement activities, and by this I mean activities which don’t make use of a printer because 1. you are not at the office, you’re at home (or you should be!!) 2.the printer cartilages cost so much that it isn’t that bad of a thing to not have to buy them!!

So, what does organizing a creative activity look like when you’re at home under confinement?

  • Choose an activity together (the greatest team is the parent-child team am I right?)
  • Explain to your child what a great time you are going to have together doing this activity
  • Decide how you’re going to get around the difficulties that being confined at home poses (for example: don’t have any cardboard? use a box of cereal! don’t have a printer? trace from your computer screen…we promise it’s easy)
  • Gather together the materials you need (as little as possible since we are confined of course!!)(pair of scissors, glue, paper should suffice for most things)
  • Get to work!! (any good activity should keep you occupied for over an hour)
  • When you’re done take a photo and post it #myhandiwork #nobodycanstoptheparty #dailydoseoffiesta (because what’s good for us is good for others and more than ever to share our handiwork is to create a bond.)

PS: Our blog has been around as long as we have (10 years!!), its mission being to help overwhelmed parents organise amazing birthday parties. This blog is full of free and easy DIY ideas which we would have never imagined would come in useful during a period of lockdown… We are not going to change the articles but instead we will put them in the relevant sections and encourage you to go back to them, to change them up, to transform them to occupy your little ones whilst stuck at home or even for a birthday party at a distance! In each section of the blog there is an article dedicated which explains our vision!

PS2: Birthdays at the moment are organized without friends! We have already come up with a few ideas for explaining to children what is going on, why their birthdays have been cancelled, and why they can’t see their friends for their big day, we will help you out ! In short, we are working to find alternative solutions !

PS3: These days the blog is coming into its own. Our goal : pass on to you our tutorials that are suitable for all ages, tutorials that you can follow with very little material, printouts that can be easily traced for those who don’t have a printer at home (like us). In short; we are going to use our imaginations, we are improvising, we are finding different ways of doing things, we are getting our brains working!

PS4: And then we will share as well the ideas that spring up on our instagram page, we promise that it is an incredible community! Sending you all love, and please stay home!!


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