Confetti Launcher

Confetti Launcher

confetti launcher

The best day of your life. Anticipation, excitement, demands, perfection. Words thrown out in the wind to emphasise the importance that comes with this special day. A moment once dreamed of by little girls which has now materialised into modern day, an ideal fantasy that has now come true. White, lace, heels, love, lots of love. And of course, confetti. A huge amount of confetti! Follow this DIY to create your own awesome confetti launcher and sprinkle the newly weds in joy!


  • A cup which you can find here
  • A plain balloon that you will find here
  • Confetti like this
  • A Stanley knife
  • A pair of scissors

1. Draw a circle on the bottom of your cup of approximately 5 cm in diameter.
2. Take the Stanley knife and cut out the circle that you’ve just mapped out.

3. Use some scissors to cut out the top of the balloon, about 1 cm.
4. Tie a knot on the other end of the balloons, like how you would close an inflated balloon.

5. Slide the cut out part of the balloon around the bottom of the cup, push it up roughly 4 cm so that it is firmly secured.
6. Put confetti inside the cup and pull on the balloon to make the confetti fly out.

There you have it, your confetti launcher is finished! Use it for all types of occasions, weddings, christenings, birthday parties or any other celebrations amongst friends.


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