Clementine Crabs

Clementine Crabs

Clementine Crabs recipe

Clementine Crabs

At My Little Day we love these super cute crabs. Super-easy to make, they will delight both young and old during a tropical-themed party.


  • Clementines (oranges, satsumas etc work the same)
  • Orange sugar paste
  • Edible sugar eyeballs
  • Toothpicks
  • Some biscuits for the sand (eg Digestives)

1. Peel the clementines and seperate the segments. We would keep two segments together to use for a body, then two single ones for the pincers

2. With the help of some toothpicks (cut into two), attach the pincers to the body of the crab

3. Cut some sugar paste into 2 small circles and stick the eyes on them.

4. Stick the eyes onto the toothpicks and then insert them into the body of the crab.

5. For the sand, crush the biscuits and spread the crumbs onto a plate. Put the crabs on top!


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