Circus Quiz

Circus Quiz

A little circus quiz ? There is a lot of information and anecdotes linked to this theme, which makes for the perfect opportunity for organising a quiz! Here are some examples of questions you could ask. You could of course adapt the questions based on the age of the children. To make things more interesting you could split the children into two teams; the first one to sound the buzzer and answer the question earns a point /a sweet.

1. What is the name of a tiger trainer?

  • The tamer
  • The boss
  • The leader

2.  What is the name of the bike with one wheel?

  • A monowheel
  • A unicycle
  • A circus bike

3.  The presenter is called …

  • … Mr Jolly
  • … The leader
  • … The Ringmaster

4. Which animal isn’t a part of the circus?

  • Cat
  • Lion
  • Tiger

5. What is the name of the artist who walks on a string with a pole?

  • An acrobat
  • A spinner
  • A tightrope walker

6. What is the name of the clown that acompanies the white clown?

  • Auguste 
  • Andy
  • Arthur

7. What is the name of the place where the circus happens?

  • A castle
  • A Big Top
  • A tent

8. What act, very popular at one time, has completely disappeared from the circus?

  • The human cannon 
  • The human rocket
  • The human train

9. At the circus, what is a diablo?

  • A pomegranate-based drink
  • A prop and a style of juggling
  • A game between clowns

10. What does an antipodist do?

  • He puts his head under an elephant’s foot
  • He walks on stilts
  • He juggles with his feet


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