Circus Party Lion Invitations

Circus Party Lion Invitations

A circus has rolled into town right in time for your birthday ! So don’t be late and prepare these invitations for the show of the year !


  • The printable which can be downloaded here
  • Thick coloured A4 paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue

1. Print and cut out the different elements of the printable. Fold the image of the lion in half vertically, then fold the two sides of the podium.

2. Choose the colour of your sheet and fold it in half, to create an A5 size sheet. Stick the left side of your image on one half of the coloured sheet, leaving a margin of 1cm on each side.

3. Glue the right part of the image on to the other half of the coloured sheet, still leaving a margin of 1cm.

4. Stick the stars around the lion and place the label on the front of your invitation. There’s nothing left to do but write on the name of your little guests and hand them out !


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