Circus Badge

Circus Badge

Circus Badge

Ladies and Gentlemen… drum roll please, the artists are about to come in: welcome to the circus! It’s going to be a show which defies the laws of nature! A show where animals, clouds, jugglers, trapeze artists and illusionists are all brought together. A show where the disciplines differ as much as the colours, patterns and materials. To witness this fabulously mesmerising show, don’t wait any longer to pick up your precious badge!


– The printable bits and bobs which you will find here and here!
– A roll of crepe paper, that you will find here!
– A glue stick
– A pair of scissors
– A safety pin

1. Print out the printable and cut out the different shapes while carefully following the templates.

2. Turn around the front side of the circus badge.

3. Crease the crepe paper, then turn the badge over and pick a starting point. Make a complete circle around the badge with the creased crepe paper.

4. Take the white circle that you have already cut out and stick it onto the crepe paper and then the front face, so that you fix them altogether.

5. Cut out the edges of the crepe paper to make a regular circle.

6. Attach the badge to a piece of clothing using the safety pin.

There you have it; your circus badge is ready to go! Get ready for a super circus themed birthday party, all you need to do now is to personalise them by writing the name of each guest!


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