Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

At Christmas, we embrace, snuggle up and kiss under the mistletoe! Scissors, paper and lots of love are all you need to create this paper wreath, kiss guaranteed!


  • Printable to download here
  • Sheets of paper in different colors
  • Bendy iron wire of two different thicknesses
  • Red beads (pay attention to the diameter of the hole)
  • Two kinds of masking tape to mix with the colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Folding knife

1. Print out or design your own pattern for your eucalyptus and laurel leaves on the coloured paper.

2. Cut out all the leaves and make a fold down the vertical length of each leaf with the folding knife. Prepare pieces of 8 cm thin iron wire.

3. Attach each leaf to a piece of thin iron wire with some masking tape. Place red beads on some of the leaves.

4. Cut off 50 cm of iron wire (the thicker one) to begin forming the wreath. Place each little leaf around it until you have covered the whole base.

5. Make eucalyptus branches by making bunches of several leaves on one piece of 15 cm thin iron wire with some masking tape.

6. Insert the eucalyptus in to the wreath. There’s nothing left to do apart from joining the two ends together to make a ring.

Advice: The more leaves with iron wire, the easier it will be to make a circle with them. The more leaves on the wreath, the more impressive the result!


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