Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

printable gratuit couronne de noel

Finally a wreath that will not wither

A simple activity for you to do with your little ones as you wait for Christmas!


  • Printable which you can find here
  • All the necessary materials can be found on our site here
couronne de noel printable gratuit materiel

1. If you don’t have a color printer, print out the printable in black and white and cut out the different shapes following the template

2. Transfer the shapes onto the back of the green glitter paper or the adhesive green felt (if you don’t have any glue) and then cut them out. (Another alternative is to print out the printable in color as the leaves will already be green!)

3. Hollow out the centre of a cardboard plate. Be careful of you fingers if you are using a Stanley knife to cut it out! (If you have cardboard plates at your house already you can of course use one of those).

4. Take each of the shapes you have cut out and fold them in two (with the white side on the inside) and put glue on both the white sides.

diy couronne printable gratuit noel

5. Glue each side of the shape onto the white plate as seen in the below left photo. Make sure you press down hard so they stick well to the plate.

6. Do the same for all of the other shapes. You can alternate the colors or use the same color throughout depending on the effect you want to achieve

printable gratuit atelier couronne de noel

7. Once all the leaves are on the wreath, you can personalize the wreath by adding a ribbon to hang it up, mini pompoms, stickers, red felt… There you go your Christmas wreath is done!

printable gratuit couronne de noel

8. You can always follow our video tutorials on our Instagram stories, link here!

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