Christmas paper cups

Christmas paper cups

printable gratuit gobelets noel

The perfect workshop to prepare for Christmas with your little ones

A fun activity for all the family in the run up to Christmas! You can do this during the holidays, before the Christmas dinner, as a workshop!! It will help Santa come quicker!


  • The printout can be found here
  • All the necessary materials can be found on our site here
gobelet noel printable gratuit materiel

1. Print the printout on a blank sheet of paper and cut out the different shapes following the lines.

2. Place them on the back of the colored felt or glitter paper if you like a bit of sparkle and transfer them onto there with a crayon.

3. Lift off the sticky back from the felt and stick the shapes together.

diy gobelets printable gratuit noel

4. Place the felt shapes on the cup. If you have chosen the glitter paper then you can use glue to attach them to the cup.

5. Take two googly eyes and put a little glue on the back of each of them.

6. Stick them to the cup.

printable gratuit atelier gobelets noel

7. Your wonderful Christmas cups are complete!

printable gratuit gobelets noel

8. You can always follow our video tutorials on our instagram page, just here!

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