Christmas Light Garland

Christmas Light Garland

printable gratuit atelier guirlande de noel

Vintage Christmas Deco

A Christmas activity to do with your little ones!


  • Printable here
  • All the necessary materials to be found on our site here
guirlande vintage noel printable gratuit materiel

1. Print the printable on a blank piece of paper and cut out the different forms following the template

2. Place what you have cut out on some glitter paper or colored felt of your choice and use it as a stencil. Cut out the form on the material of your choice. Alternatively, you can just use the paper version as the Christmas lights are colored already!

3. Remove the sticky back from the black top part of the lightbulb

4. Take a colored bulb and stick it to the bottom of the black part. Take the ribbon and stick it to the top part of the black part. (Take a look at the photos below). If you have chosen to use paper instead of sticky-back felt then ou can use glue to stick all the different parts together!

diy guirlande printable gratuit noel

5. Take the sticky-back off another black shape and place it on top to seal the lightbulb together around the ribbon

6. Repeat these steps for the other Christmas lights spacing them out along the ribbon

printable gratuit atelier guirlande vintage de noel

7. Your vintage Christmas light garland is complete!

printable gratuit atelier guirlande de noel

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