Sitting Comfortably, Darling?

Sitting Comfortably, Darling?

Sitting Comfortably, Darling?

This is a great circle game. It’s simple, but it’s one of my favourite games. I loved showing the children how to play it and I loved watching them enjoy it!

— Let’s form a circle and sit down cross-legged. On my count of three, everybody on the floor: 1,2,3! I have got in my hand a scarf which I will use to blindfold a detective. The blindfolded detective will stand in the centre of the circle. We will have ten seconds to all change places and sit down again in a circle. I will give the detective the starting signal to let him sit on the lap of one of his friends. Once seated, the detective will ask: “Are you sat comfortably, darling?” The friend should answer: “Yes, Darling I’m sat comfortably.” The detective has to guess who he is sitting on thanks to the sound of their voice. This is why the friend who is the chair needs to change their voice! The detective can have 3 guesses to work out who he is sitting on. Understood?

— Yes!

— So for this first round, I would like Edward to be our detective. Edward, come in the middle of the circle. I will blindfold you…

At each new round, count up to ten so that everybody can swap places and sit down! You will also have to help the detective sit down.

This game is great, 6 year olds love it and they love changing their voice. They know each other very well and are therefore very capable of recognising each other despite these voice disguises. 


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