Centre Kapla

Centre Kapla

Kaplas, kaplas, kaplas… fills the room !

For an extraordinary birthday party, the Kapla Centre comes out to your homes and organises workshops tailored to your needs and wishes which are captivating for both children and adults ! There’s no lacking of architecture, shared creativity, of laughter or team spirit, everything is organised by the incredibly professional team at Kapla. Expect a price which is a little higher than usual, however success is guaranteed !

Architecture workshops are also organised directly at the Kapla Centre located in the heart of Paris. And because kaplas is also for adults, the centre organises activities which are slightly out the ordinary in the evenings !

At the Kapla Centre, direct communication is a lot more effective. You can contact them by calling 01 43 56 13 38 or drop by at 27, rue de Montreuil in the 11th arrondissement in Paris.

We tried this out for Jules’s birthday party and we can assure you that it was absolutely brilliant !


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