The Ceiling Bunting

The Ceiling Bunting

Le plafond de guirlandes

To make a ceiling of bunting, you will need a lot of bunting garlands and a lot of time, but the result is incredible! Follow this step by step tutorial!

The idea of the ceiling of bunting comes from Mexican festivals, during which they are set up in the open sky in the middle of the beauitful villages. And in the centre of the bunting, there is always a pinata!

We have made these bunting ceilings for exhibitions, and then naturally we have made them in our houses. The result is stunning but it requires a lot of bunting garlands, so it can be quite expensive. So I would say to keep this type of decoration for a particularly special event!

There is no need for an expert know-how to make this decoration, all you need is :

  • Bunting garlands (the number depends on how spaced out you want to make the garlands)
  • A ladder
  • Sticky tape, or white masking tape if your ceiling is white
  • Duct tape

To recreate the decoration in this picture, leave about 30 cm between each garland. I used around 30 garlands in total. You don’t need a particular expertise to make this. All you need is a good eye for detail so that the curve in the garlands is always similar.

I advise you to set up your ceiling of bunting the night, or even a few days, before your event, because it can take a long time. However, it is possible that some of the garlands may fall in this case. Sticky tape will not hold forever. You will need to stick a number of pieces of tape to secure the decoration. Also, in the centre, it would be a good idea, when all of the garlands have been taped, to secure the whole thing in place with duct tape like in the photo above. Normally, your guests will be so mesmerised by the ceiling that they will not pay attention to the tape!

For information: the nicest comment that I received came from a little 10 year old girl who said: “it’s very nicely decorated at your house, it’s not decorated like this at my house”!


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