Halloween Cake Bunting

Halloween Cake Bunting

Halloween cake bunting

Booooo ! It’s Halloween, the spooky celebration that everyone looks forward to after the summer. The celebration which takes place at night and in the dark, the which is jam-packed with horrible creatures, the celebration full of screams… screams of joy that is ! Afterall, Halloween is a celebration where the fear is invigorating, a wanted provoked type of fear, a fear shared by all, a fear that you know will end eventually and everything will be okay.


  • A sheet of black card
  • Some Halloween coloured masking tape, which you can find here
  • Black striped straws, here
  • Some string
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some sellotape

1. Take the piece of black card and cut out 2 strips measuring 29.7 x 5 cm.
2. Take the black band and fold it twice on itself.
3. Using the scissors, cut some fringing whilst leaving a 1cm border free around the edge.

4. Unfold the band with the fringes, and roll it up around the straw.
5. Once it is rolled up tightly around the straw, tape down the strip so that it can’t move and do the same thing for the second straw.

6. Cut out 8 bits of masking tape, each measuring 2 cm.
7. Take a piece of string measuring 20 cm and stick the bits of masking tape along the string to form a garland.

8. Cut out the bits of masking tape into triangles to make club flags.

And there you have it, your cake bunting is ready ! Now all that’s left to do is to put them on your cake for a super Halloween evening with your friends !

This DIY activity can be done at a Halloween or Harry Potter workshop with children starting from 8 years old. 


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