A desert, the dry earth, tumbleweed rolling around in the wind, and just like that you’re at the heart of a Cowboys & Indians adventure… Equip yourself with your invitations, your trusty hat, your sheriff’s badge and come join in the fun! We’re taking care of setting the scene, with this great cactus DIY.



  • The printables of colourful cactuses in all different sizes: smallmediumbigvery big! OR the printables of mediumbig and very big cactuses that you can draw yourselves.
  • Pieces of card
  • A pair of scissors

1. Print out the different cactuses on your pieces of card. You can choose to print the cactuses in colour on a piece of white paper, to print the cactuses in black and white so that the children can colour them in or to print the cactuses in black and white onto a green piece of paper.
2. Cut out the cactuses by following the different templates.

3. Cut out the slits on the cactuses by following the black lines so that you can assemble them.

4. Assemble the pairs of cactuses and make them stand firmly upright.

There you go; your cactuses are finished ! You can use them as centrepieces or as settings for your games with your figurines.


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