British Garland Cake Toppers

British Garland Cake Toppers

We all remember William and Kate’s 12 tier cake (with enough cream and sugar to make a diabetic faint at the sight of it). I don’t know about you, but here we can’t wait to see Meghan and Harry’s cake ! Team Carrot Cake or Team Victoria Sponge Cake ?  We suggest a British touch to make your birthday creation tip top !


1. Cut out the flags, and fold them in half in the middle. Glue the inside (the white side) and stick them down around the twine. Repeat for the other 4 flags, spacing them 3 cm apart each time.

2. Put the stars onto the top of the sticks, or cut out the ones on the printable, and attach them by cellotaping the back.

3. Knot the garland onto the sticks

Put it all on a pretty cake with plenty of icing or cream cheese, take a super instagrammable photo (#boundtogetalike) and to reward yourself, eat your super cake whilst celebrating the wedding of the year !


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