Bridesmaids Boxes

Bridesmaids Boxes

bridesmaids boxes

He proposed! Once the inital excitment has passed, it’ll be up to you to make your own proposals to your future bridesmaids!

Don’t panic! We have an idea ready to go!


  • The printout, which can be downloaded here
  • Sheets of card
  • A cutter
  • A ruler
  • Some glue
  • Some stickers, which can be found here

1. Download and print the printable onto the card.

2. Cut out the pieces. Fold the box along the lines, and fold the strip of paper into an accordian.

TIP:  take your ruler and cutter and put a very light score on the future fold. It will guide the fold, and will make it cleaner!  

3. Glue the paper accordian onto the central square of the box’s pattern.

4. Assemble the box.

5. Close your box with the help of a sticker! Et voilà!


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